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The Hollywood Restaurant
Friday 21st March

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have had a busy old time of it lately though
no public gigs until SEPTEMBER.  Much filming and recording has been done in the last few weeks and the band are looking forward to a few party's during July and August.  Streetlife currently have no dates available in August .

FRI 27th September at
THE LODGE nr Battlesbbridge

Streetlife had a fantastic night out at  The Freight House in Rochford
last Saturday  at  Gavin's 40th birthday party.  Much eating , drinking and merriment was had and hospitality from Gavin and Beth was exceptional.
You have some very LOUD friends :)

The band received a very nice email from Beth which  made them all very happy can read it here

Next public gig for STREETLIFE
is at The Lodge on 26th April

streetlife freighthouse




The incomparable STREETLIFE played at The Kings Head in Rochford Square, Essex last Saturday night. A first for the band at this particular ale house which hosts live music at least 3 nights a week. Many thanks to Sandra the landlady for her hospitality and to all those that came to see the band , a small but perfectly formed audience.

After the first few songs the band were just getting into their stride when a fight broke out in the back bar. Inside information suggests it was a dispute concerning a young lady who had come to the pub with her boyfriend only to find that her boyfriends other girlfriend had popped in for a pint also. The landlord dealt swiftly with the situation and the trio were ejected from the pub where they continued their brawl in the Square.

Order was quickly restored and STREETLIFE played a few new songs as well as a lot of old ones and members of the public swung their hips and tapped their feet whilst drinking alcohol and singing simultaneously did most of STREETLIFE. All in all a very successful evening.

A friend of the band with a nice camera and an eye for a good picture was on hand at the gig and hopefully took some of the gang in action which ,I will, with his permission , post here in the not too distant future.

oohhhh how about now!

Many thanks to Russel for taking the pictures and giving the band permission to use them on this website.

Rumour has it that the band are set to play the Kings Head again before Christmas . Keep your eyes peeled to the site and I will let you know about it as soon as I do.

Meanwhile... STREETLIFE are set to play The Lodge en route to  Woodham Ferrers on Friday the 14th December.
This will be their final gig of 2012 and if previous gigs here are anything to go by this should be a great night.

Happy Christmas
cliff git solo


take the mick
Photographs courtesy of Russell Parker Photography- copyright



STREETLIFE  played  at The Prince Regent  in Chigwell last weekend. The event was a charity gala to raise money for The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Here's the story.........

Sam Cook fought a brave two year fight against ovarian cancer. She was just 25 years old when she lost her battle.

Whilst Sam fought her own battle, she organised fetes, sponsored walks and gala dinners to raise money and awareness. She continued with the charity work right up to the point she could no longer physically carry on due to her condition. 

Her good work continues to this day with family and friends continuing her legacy.

This year to mark the tenth anniversary of Sam’s passing a celebrity gala dinner evening with music and entertainment has been organised in November, taking place in the banqueting suite of the Prince Regent Hotel Chigwell. 

This was a fantastic evening  and STREETLIFE were pleased and
proud to be part of it.  Jonathan and Charlotte of ' Britains Got Talent'
fame  opened the show , followed by a Frank Sinatra tribute act
 through the meal and then STREETLIFE played  until the end of the
 night .
Fantastic crowd  who danced the night away  and STREETLIFE  
even managed a new song . well , new for them anyway
You Can't Hurry Love  in the style of Phil Collins without  the bald bits.

The band would like to thank  Karen and Val for their hospitality  and
 Bacon rolls .
Jonathan and Charlotte were excellent  as was the Frank /Dean tribute,
Streetlife  did what  they do best and kept everyone on the dance floor
 and the staff at The Prince Regent were excellent.  
 All in all a top night.

Thank You

 Story courtesy of


Congratulations to Tom and Collette on their wedding day. The venue looked
amazing and the guests were probably the liveliest bunch of revellers STREETLIFE
have had the pleasure of playing for this year. The Hog Roast was pigtastic despite
the caterer running out of rolls and the DJ played some great tunes before
STREETLIFE  took to the  stage. Special thanks to the Groom,  Tom who, came up  to
the microphone at the end of the party and  thanked  all of the band personally.
Much appreciated. Great night!

Beckenham band

Dancers 1


streetlife in the classroom
Relaxing in the classroom which doubled as the bands
greenroom for the night, here are  that finely
tuned bunch collectively known as  STREETLIFE waiting
to go on stage at the  Westcliff PTA end of summer ball

Big thanks to Petra for looking after the band
as always.
The Band played a great set and  much dancing was
done by the revellers.


Buster 1.10.12


tower of london

STREETLIFE played The Tower last weekend to an audience that had
completed a triathlon only hours before. Luckily some of them still had the energy to dance .

 The event raised over fifty thousand pounds for charity  
with something like two hundred people taking part.

The band would like to thank the organisers  for a lovely curry which was
served on their own   table with all the guests.  All in all very well looked after

Band trumpeteer and photographer Graham took a few  pics of the band
 which can be seen by clicking on the photo below.

Lynne and jen at the tower


Okay I hold my hands up in submission.
When I
out having fun and enjoying my summer holiday should have been at home updating the STREETLIFE
website.  They have of course played a few gigs with new Bass player Warren , who by now isn't so new,
and I also have  picture of the man himself to add to
the gallery.

warren on bass
Next public gig for the band is on 17th Nov 2012 at
The Kings Head in Rochford, Essex.
Map and details
This is new venue for the band  and  a bit closer to home. Hope to see you there.

Buster  30.8. 2012



Dance to the Music

                                                                                          It was blowing a gale on the last gig of the year for STREETLIFE when they played at Rochford Hundred Golf Club to celebrate the wedding of Cat and Dan. The Bride and Groom looked repectively beautiful and handsome and a great night was had by all, 

Darren, the bands bass player dropped a bombshell at the end of the evening to say that was leaving the band to pursue his first love- playing the guitar.

And so with heavy hearts the rest of STREETLIFE wished him well for Christmas and the New Year and waved him off through the  mist that had suddenly sprung up.

Fortunately for the band another bassist who has played the set a few times steppped into the breach and after a couple of rehearsals is ready to do his thang!. You can see STREETLIFE perform with their new bass player , Warren, at The  Lodge on Friday March 16th. Pics of Warren will appear on the site soon along with some revealing facts about the man himself.



                                                                    NEXT PUBLIC GIG                                 at The lodge on                              FRIDAy 16th March                     

IN the summertime when the weather is hot........

          By Buster on  12th September 2011

         Ok , so it wasn't that hot this summer.
         The band played their penultimate  August hols gig at Mikes 50th
         at the end of  July and the weather was amazing up there in Norfolk.

         Guests of the party and the STREETLIFE crew all dressed up seventies
         styley ( though there was a nod to the eighties dotted around the                            place) and everyone danced themselves dizzy in a gaudily decorated
         marquee. No Party Sevens or Martini though. (if you have to ask what
         they are then you are too young).

         The band would like to say a big thank  you  to Mike for his hospitality
         and to  wish him well in his 50th year.
         The bands  fancy dress costumes  were awe inspiring  , some of the band          actually thought Cliff was  Don Johnson from Miami Vice.

         Top outfit goes to Lyn , great dress, stunning  boots and the wig and                      glasses finished it off nicely. Close runner up was JB with his 'Ronald                   Macdonald  on amphetimines with Elvis glasses' look. Which  actually
         sounds like a  first course  in a Jamie Oliver  restaurant.

         Finally the band would also like to thank Paul for standing in on keys for                this gig and  also helping the rest of the band  give  Cliff some well                        deserved stick.
         Cheers Paul!

          Here are some pics  to give you a flavour  of the night. You can see
          some more HERE if you really want to .

        seventies streetlife    
           Seventies Streetlife

            JBMacdonald  JB Macdonald

                                   Seventies Boots   Lyn and Jenny Seventies  

                                           Cliff Don Johnson  

                                             Don Johnson or David Van Gay?

             NEXT PUBLIC GIG                      AT THE LODGE on                      FRIDAY 15th JULY                           Free entry                                                 

       LOVING IT AT LORDS....                                                   By Buster on  26th June 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Great night at The Lords in Hullbridge on Saturday night . Greenways                     School PTA summer ball and fundraiser  went off with a bang.
          three wise men

          Have to say that the PTA crowd know how to enjoy themselves and
          the dance floor was rarely empty.
          As you can see  above the band were all ship shape and bristol                             fashion and the brass section  didn't make a boob all night.

          Big thanks to Charlie for  the replacement speakers delivered at the                       last minute, a  nice set of subwoofers make all the difference.
          Next gig is at The Lodge on Friday 15th July.  Go on you know you
          want to. Entry is FREE and STREETLIFE start their   first set at  9.30. 



          OH THE OKEY COKEY...AGAIN                                   By  Buster  on 3rd june 2011                                                                                  In out , in out,  you shake it all about . Matt left , Paul Joined. Paul left                      and Matt joined. Having had so much fun at the last few gigs Matt has                    decided to stay. Welcome back.

     Jacket with street badge
            Although Manchester United lost  to Barcelona on Saturday  night,
            STREETLIFE  definitely scored well with the crowd at Blackmore
            Village Fayre.  After a slow start which the band attribute to the 62"
            wide screen TV showing the game in the beer tent, things quickly                            speeded   up in the second half of the evening  with plenty of
             audience participation and much dancing.
             The band would particularly like to thank  The Prince Albert public
             house for their generous supply of the bands dinner served by their
             gorgeous bar staff  and to Pink Scaffolding for the excellent stage
            and cover. Blackmore Village Fayre is a brilliant  event and the band
            hope that you ask them back next time .

         blackmore off stage
         Blackmore from the stage    
         More photos of the band at Blackmore can be seen HERE

Oh the okey cokey    

       By Buster on 12th May 2011                               

           In out ,in out you shake it all about  .
           After  getting all excited about  Paul joining the band it has come
           to my attention that he has decided to leave again. Sadly with all
           his other musical commitments joining STREETLIFE has proven
           to be his undoing. The band are very busy this year and he just
           can't fit it all in.
           There  are of course some members of the band who believe that
           he resigned after finding out that he would have to stay until the end
           of every gig and help pack away the PA  :)
           Matt  is still on the case  so you can see the band in all their glory
           at The Blackmore Village Fayre on The Green on the evening of the
           28th May  DETAILS HERE . This is a lovely place with some proper
           ale houses and hot food . As a bonus you get to see the wonderful
           STREETLIFE in action. Come on down and join in the fun.

         Paul Album                                                       
         Pauls new album available  on  Helpcliff  Records


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