STReeT LIFE news

Happy New YEAR!

           By Buster  on Saturday  2nd January 2010

           A big thank you to all those who came to The Lodge on the 20th Nov
           It was the bands last public gig of the year and  despite the cold
           weather  and the fact that it was 'children in need night' , the bar
           was probably fuller than ever. Some great singalongs and lots of                            respectable (and some not so respectable) dancing.   

           The  band are already working on  new songs for 2010  and
           a few of these will be aired at the first  Lodge gig of 2010 on
           February 26th

            Watch this space for a  STREETLIFE facebook page  , updated
            website , new photos and more Streetlife stuff.

            Have a good one.

            Buster x 



           Here are a few Regatta pictures from 2009 courtesy of Gary
           Hubbard.  Thanks Gaz   CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW ACTION

2nd Sept update

           By Buster on Tuesday  22nd September 2009

        Leigh Regatta  brought  sunshine ,laughter , music and beer .
        Thanks to all  those who came to say  hello and gave the band
           a cheer. They started at  midday and played three sets finishing at
           five.. Special thanks to Cliff for sorting it all out  and to JB for pointing
           out some sites of special interest on the day . Also thanks to The
           Mayflower public house for an excellent stock of real ale.
           A few people have promised photographs which I will add
           as soon as I get them. Meanwhile here's a pic of the band on
           the day courtesy of the Evening Echo which was published
           on Monday 21st.

         Streetlife Regatta T        It is the band honest.............


           By Buster on Friday 18th  September 2009

            SEX ON LEGS........

           The band  played  at Latchingdon  Football Club  on 30th August.
           A lively gig it was too , probably down  to the vast amounts of
           alchohol that had been consumed by the revellers during the
           course of the day. Lots of money was  raised for Essex Air
           Ambulance and Tone got called 'sex on legs' by a beautiful welsh
           lady.  The rest of the band think this was partly due to his new
           'mullet' and also  because  JB wasn't around   to distract her.
           Either way Tone was chuffed.

            As usual the band had a great night up at The  Lodge on Friday 11th
            Sept . Well attended as usual ,it was great to see some old friends
             turn up on the night including a large percentage of  'the other'
            Soul and Disco band 'Elco Jones' who came not only to support ,
            but  also to gaze with envy at the  STREETLIFE brass section.
            The band showed their appreciation by performing that well known
            Elco Jones song , 'Suspicious MInds'  with some  unique and
            difficult  horn parts  added . Cheers for singing along guys!

             Tone Jen and Lyn


            As if this wasn't enough  excitement for one weekend  the
            band  assembled at the Boatyard Restaurant in Leigh on Sea
            on the Saturday night  to play at  a  dinner dance organised  
            by   Dreamflights, a charity that raises money to send seriously ill
            and  disabled children on holidays of a lifetime.
             Needless to say a lot of money was raised .
             STREETLIFE Trumpeteer and all round good bloke Graham
            managed  to get all of the Senior England football team to sign
             a shirt and  this was added to the auction which took place halfway                        through the evening  and the band also auctioned themselves.
             This added to the considerable amount already raised by 1800!!
             The guests were fantastic dancers and the atmosphere at
             The Boatyard made for a brilliant evening .

             Next up for the band is a performance at Leigh Old Town Regatta
             on Saturday 19th Sept. Pray for the sun  and all will be good.


           By Buster on Monday 20th July 2009 

           The band  are  getting ready to go on their summer hols
           so out come the shorts and the bikinis , we all agree that  Cliff
           looks very strange  in a bikini and   had best stick to his shorts.

           Before they jettisoned  off  in their jets they  had a  rehearsal
           in preparation for a surprise (well the band were surprised
           because  they didn't know about it til yesterday) gig at
           Latchingdon Football Club on the 30th August  in aid of Essex Air                            Ambulance.
           Billed as a  Party in The Park , everyone is welcome with
           BBQ and Hog Roast  a  variety of stalls and stands  , Bouncy                                    Castles,Suburu car show and of course STREETLIFE.
           Times and a map will be posted here as soon as someone
            lets me know what they are and how to get there.

            Here is a pic of Cliff off duty to wet your appetite .

            Cliff at the beach  

NEXT PUBLIC GIG  11th sept at the lodge nr woodham Ferrers free entry , food served until 8.30 band on at 9pm. always a good night. CLICK THE link to your right below for directions.


         By Buster on Monday 6th July 2009

          Westcliff High School for Girls PTA   ..... ROCKS!!!!
          Well they did, after consuming what looked to be a very nice meal
          and  a number of  alchoholic beverages.
          All who attended were sartorially attired and even the band looked
          like guests of the Queen.

           Band thanks to Petra for keeping the guys fed , watered  and  
           generally 'in the loop'  and for her amazing Swiss accent which
           she used to great effect when announcing the raffle and introducing
           Streetlife. If you closed your eyes you could imagine  yourself at
           some vast ballroom in Montreaux  just having won the Eurovision
           song contest.


           Thanks too,to Tony Sandeman who very kindly , learnt the set and
            stood in on  Bass guitar whilst our own Darren  holidays
            in some far off exotic country. Needless to say  he played with
            dexterity and aplomb  and managed to play all the songs in the
            correct key , at the right time does he do so easily that which
            has taken us years to perfect?

            Cheers Tony.

           TonyS and Cliff
           Tony S and Cliff at soundcheck
           The Guys would also like to mention the lovely Karen who joined
           Streetlife onstage for an impromptu version of the dreaded
           'Mustang Sally' only played  after constant badgering by a large
           section of the audience. It  has become almost a necessary evil,
           a bit like lager and white boots (sorry  in joke...dont ask).

            Also ...Ta very much to Georgina who put  Streetlife forward for the
            gig and the school caretaker who,  unlike the usual jobsworths that
            the band come up against , was very calm , helpful  and .......heres
            the rub, co operative, a rare quality amonst the 'site manager'
            fraternity. Thank You.

             A few pictures were taken on the night  which  I will upload
             just as soon as I can. Meanwhile here is a pic of JB warming
             up just to keep you going.

            JB Tuning up

More June stuff

           By Buster on Sunday  7th June 2009

            The band had a great weekend . First up at The Lodge  on
            Friday night  and  then over at Stone Yacht Club in  Burnham
            on Saturday.
            Thanks to Jan Tindale for organising  the night at Stone and
            once again Happy Birthday to Roger (there's no way you're 60!) 
            Also the band would like to thank all their friends who came
            to the Lodge on Friday especially the Halstead Posse. Happy
            Birthday Michelle.
            If anyone reading this has any pictures of either night please
            send them in. Tone managed to get a couple as did Ian, but
            it's tricky trying to perform and take pics at the  same time.
            Here's a few to be going on with.......just click the link.

            Lodge and Stone Pics


            By Buster on Monday 1st June 2009

            Thanks to all of you who came to support the band at their first
             gig in Woodham Ferrers own Oaklands Hotel on 22nd May.
             A friendly venue  with an audience that were 'up for it' almost
             from the word 'GO'  although the band weren't too sure about
             the barrier between themselves and the  crowd.
             The band played a full set and even received some applause
             from certain members of Elco Jones who turned up for a boogie  
             and a swing around the rather dubious looking pole to the left
             of the stage area. Cheers guys.
              The following evening the band played at  The Helen Rollinson
              Heal Cancer  charity event on  Blackmore  village green.
              Huge thanks to the Blackmore Village Events  organisers.
              They built the band their very own stage in proper festival styley
              and  Cliiff provided a bigger than usual PA which meant  that
              almost a thousand people could hear the band strutt their funky
              stuff quite clearly even at the back .
              Special guest 'Ryan' a 16 year old  guitarist and singer and
              Blackmore resident gave  the crowd a  rendition of
              Jonnie B . Good  , especially poignant as   only days before he
              had undergone surgery.  Excellently done  and much appreciated
              by the crowd.
              It was a beautiful summers evening  and the music went on until                           midnight with most revellers staying put until the end. Thanks
              also to The Bull Pub who sponsored the evening and provided
              the band with some amazing grub before they played.
               All in all a top night.
              PIctures soon we hope.               



        By Buster on 15th May 2009

            Hi all.

            A couple more gigs in the book since the last update.
            The first is at Stone Sailing Club  in Burnham on the 6th June
            , a great little  venue  overlooking the river with fantastic views
            and  a great  club atmosphere. We are checking to see if this is
            open to the public or club  members only and will post here soon
            to let you know.

            Second up is a gig at Leigh on Sea's favourite  restaurant -
            The Boatyard . This is a charity event for Dreamflights and this
            one is ticket only . Again we are attempting to find out if there are
            any tix left and if so how much they  cost. Watch this space.

             I know Tone has advertised the Oaklands Hotel gig , set  for
             the 22nd May ,on his  own FACEBOOK page. If you are already a  
             member of  Facebook  take a look HERE. If you're not, get Tone to
             add you as a friend . He could do with a few more. :)




       By Buster on 23rd April 2009


             Well...its quite important. We have had  a lot of enquiries
             since we  updated the website and although we do say on our
             homepage that we are based in ESSEX, South East of England
            a lot of peeps don't seem to have registered the  fact.  The band
            will of  course play anywhere in the world, but it does cost a lot to
            get ten of them in a bus with all their gear. Please note that the
            distance that the band have to travel  is directly reflected in the
            cost. So,  for them to play at a wedding in  the Carribbean  will
            obviously cost  more  than a charity do at the local church hall ,
            though you wouldn't have to guess too hard whereabouts they
            would rather  play.

             Still want to book us for your  wedding in an exotic far away
             place. GO HERE


           At last the sun has paid us a visit  and hopefully its around for a                              while given  that the band have a few outdoor gigs in the pipeline.
           A few of the STREETLIFE crew , namely  JB , Kev  H and Tone
           used to play in a  band called SOUTHSIDE and on Saturday  they
           reformed  for one night only at Trinity Football Club  in Southend
           as a  favour to  their good friend and  former sax player  Pete Marriot.                    After 25 years of marriage he decided that to celebrate the
           occasion he would  get the old band back together and have a blow ,
            just to show his wife and family that he can still cut it. Special
            thanks to Cliff  for  the PA and Jo Knight, the bands female
            vocalist , who despite giving birth to her second baby just
            6 days before, still managed to turn up and sing. 
            A great night filled with nostalgia  (and the odd bum note......                                    well it had been almost 8 years!) and  lots of familiar faces.
            Happy 25th Pete and Deb.

          Ye Olde Southsiders
          Ye Olde Southside Crew post gig looking much the worse for wear

          Don't forget the next public performance by STREETLIFE is at The
          Oakland in Woodham Ferrers on Friday 22nd May 2009 (click on
          the gig dates link on the
  right  for directions  if you need them).

 2nd March update

           By Buster  on  6th March  2009
            Alrighty then.......... The band have  just announced  their
            appearance at  Blackmore  Village Festival on Saturday
            23rd May. Aways a great event   provided the weather
            stays fine. Everyone is welcome and all monies raised go to
            charities linked to the village. This is a family affair  with a
             real festival atmosphere. More details of timings and stuff
            will be posted here and on the forum at the beginning of April.

            The night before Blackmore on Friday 22nd May  STREETLIFE
            are  playing  at The Oaklands Hotel in Woodham Ferrers. This is
            a first for  the band  so if you fancy a Friday night out come
            down and support them.

             BABY PICTURE ALERT!!!!!!!!!

       Well I did promise a picture of Cliff and Jens new daughter
              just as soon as Tone could get one so here it is ................

          Baby Evie  
             Evie  is just  a month old  and will be sleeping sometime soon.


            By Buster on 2nd March 2009

             Not much to report  for  Feb. The band did play for  Stuart and  
             Jill at Top Meadow and a very enjoyable time was had by all.
             Top marks to the best man who danced  from beginning  to
             end  and to Darren the bands bassist for doubling as lighting
              technician .
             Jane (pictured below) sang an amazing set and big thanks to    
             her from  the rest of the band especially so as she did it  without
             Lynne, the bands second female vocalist. Lynne is still unwell
             and  the  Streetlife team wish her a speedy recovery.

             A couple of new public gig announcements are pending and I
             will  add those just as soon as they are confirmed.
             Heres a pic of just some of the guys  looking exceptionally smart.
         Streetlife Ratpack
             Thats all for now.


            Jenny  and Cliff have had a luverly  baby girl called Evie! I'm a
            bloke so don't ask me all that weight and time stuff. Suffice to
            say  she was a bigun' unlike her dad  and wines a lot  like her
            mum ( I am gonna suffer for this) . Congratulations to them
            both from all of the STREETLIFE team.
            Of course this means that  Jen won't be with us for a month
            and Cliff is going to be very tired most of the time . In preparation
            for a missing singer and front row babe the band have asked
            (and she very kindly accepted)  Jane from 'Elco Jones' to cover
            for the next couple of gigs. Cliff of course will just have to soldier
            on like us blokes do. (I am going for a big slap here)

            For those that like pics of babies , I am certain I can persuade
            Tone to take a photo and we'll post it here next update.    
             Other news includes the cancellation of our gig at The Lodge
             on Friday 13th Feb. Jane is unavailable for this one and Jen is
             obviously not going to be fighting fit . Sorry guys.
              Here's a pic of Jane in , well you know what I mean.

              Elco Jane


by buster on december 7TH, 2008

A BIG thank you to all those who came to see the
band at The Lodge on Friday  5th Dec. New songs included the Abba classic 'Gimme, gimme , gimme a man after midnight' and Take Thats ' Relight my Fire' . A cheese fest indeedy. You can check out a short video of the band performing 'Love Train' HERE


They also managed to play the set again in a slightly more refined form on Saturday 6th  at Kelly and Toms wedding celebration. A fantastically enthusiastic wedding party helped the evening  go with a bang.
Special commendations in this instance must go to both Darren and Jeff for their  solo's on the night . Though it must be said that ALL of the band played especially  well. Graeme must also get a  medal for playing the trumpet solo in 'Let me Entertain you' TWO NIGHTS ON THE TROT, Top Banana!!
Great venue  and  they even had a snow machine!


Looking real fine for 2009

by buster on DEC 3rd , 2008

Lyn and JenThe band have a healthy looking diary for 2009 including  a few shows lined up at The Lodge and dates for these gigs will go up just as soon as the band let me have them. LEIGH REGATTA  is also  in the pipeline. Always an event in the Leigh diary the regatta takes place over the weekend of Sept 20th 2009 with many bands and stages featured throughout the Old Town. Exact date and time of STREETLIFES performance will be published here in the new year.

I probably should have put this at the top of the page but the biggest news for the band in 2009 will be the birth of  Cliff and Jenny's second baby. Expected in early January they have no idea of the new arrivals sex.

We will get a picture up of Mum and Baby just as soon as is practical.

STREETLIFE were great IN 2008

by buster on november 18, 2008


The band played some  great gigs in 2008 including.............. 

a charity fundraiser for DREAMFLIGHTS an organisation that  raises money to send seriously ill and disabled children on Holidays of a lifetime.Sir Cliff Richard did a talk at this one . FAB

The Licensed Vituallers Ball at Gillingham FC also to raise money for local charities. (and yes they did all drink a lot.) Special thanks to Paul from Elco Jones who stood in on keys for that one.

           Another stonker and local too was at Capones restaurant in
           Hadleigh , Essex.
           This was for the Equal People Charity who's patron is Lee Meade
           of Joseph  fame. He even turned up , but didn't sing even though we                     asked him.

i          Two other musicians that the band would like to thank are Tony                              Sandeman and Stuart Wright who very kindly stood in on Bass
           when our  very own Darren was otherwise engaged during the
           summer . 

Well thats all for 2008. To all who read this Have a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and successful New Year.

Buster x